September 26, 2014

Dear Fellow Fostorians,

Twenty years ago we started the Fostoria Focus, the "good" news newspaper. We were told that we would run out of good news in six weeks. Twenty years later there is still plenty of good news in Fostoria; the community has pulled together under new city leadership, the Fostoria Economic Development Corporation has an aggressive board of directors, and the Greater Fostoria Community Foundation has given well over a million dollars to worthwhile causes, the Historical Society, Fostoria Glass Museum, Rail Park and the ongoing revitalization of Foundation Park are attractions for the community and tourists to visit. The major goal of the Focus was to improve the image of the city through positive stories about Fostoria. Thank you to all of our dedicated advertisers and readers for 20 years of "good" news about Fostoria and our surrounding communities. We are proud to have been a part of Fostoria's History.

- Don and Judy Miller